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Leadership Team Work life expertise, industry insight, and an appreciation for the complexities of Health and Disability are the hallmarks of the Gowan Consulting team. Their vision and client-centered focus have guided the company's continued success as a leading provider of Health and Disability Management services.

Services Across Canada We have occupational therapy services across Canada.  We can provide services from Vancouver Island to Halifax and would be happy to discuss your needs.

Nancy J. Gowan, B.H.Sc. (O.T.), O.T. Reg. (Ont.), CDMP, President

Melanie Weller, B.H.Sc. (O.T.), O.T. Reg. (Ont.)

Mary Ann Kaczmarek, B.c.(O.T.)

Heather Morris, B Kin, OH&S, CRTWC



Nancy J. Gowan, B.H.Sc. (O.T.), O.T. Reg. (Ont.), CDMP

Nancy Gowan is a registered occupational therapist and Certified Disability Management Professional with experience working in industrial rehabilitation and return to work programming.

Since her graduation from McMaster University in 1988, Nancy has assisted employers both local and national with development of health and disability management strategies, which have added bottom line profits through improved productivity and reduced disability costs. She has implemented client centred health and disability management programs for companies such as NCR Canada Ltd., Research in Motion, BMO Financial Group and Bell Canada yielding returns on investment ranging from 10% to 600%.

Nancy works in partnership with employers and unions to develop customized strategies that will bring sustainable savings and improved employee health and productivity. She has presented at national and international forums on disability management and regularly contributes to disability management education through workshops and training programs as well as online newsletters. She has been involved with the National Institute of Disability Management and Research since 1999 as a lead faculty in the Mohawk College Disability Management Certificate program in Ontario.

Nancy has coauthored a chapter on “Ergonomics in Disability Management” in Ergonomics for Therapists, 3rd edition, 2007. Nancy has published a "Human ResourceManagers Guide for Managing Disability in the Workplace" with Carswell.

Nancy has published in Peer reviewed journals and magazines throughout the world.

Nancy has led Gowan Consulting from a local company to a nationally recognized brand that allows each individual customer the opportunity of having consultation supported by years of experience and business centred focus.


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Melanie Weller, B.H.Sc. (O.T.), O.T. Reg. (Ont.)

Melanie Weller graduated from McMaster University in 1989 and since then has concentrated her practice in occupational therapy on industrial and corporate rehabilitation.

She focuses her practice on complex return to work issues and has worked with organizations such as Hydro One, BMO Financial Group, Bell Canada and the Government of Ontario. Her work has assisted employees in prevention of injury and illness and return to productivity. She provides ergonomic services, consultation on difficult accommodation issues and provision of proactive and sustainable work plans.

Melanie is active in working with educational institutions and corporations to improve the understanding of the community regarding strategies to ensure employees can maximize their productivity at work. She has presented to organizations throughout Ontario on practical suggestions for improving return to work plans.  Melanie has coauthored a chapter on “Ergonomics in Disability Management” in Ergonomics for Therapists, 3rd Edition, 2007.

Melanie’s experience working with complex issues in the workplace, brings the knowledge of function and productivity to her customers. She has provided practical accommodation plans for individuals with mental health concerns, physical disabilities and transformed generally complex issues into productive meaningful work solutions.



Mary Ann Kaczmarek. B.Sc. (O.T.)

Mary Ann is the National Network Manager for Gowan Consulting.  Her experience as an Occupational Therapist in the insurance industry and benefits management brings expertise in quality and cost efficiency.  She is responsible for the development of a network of professionals that assists employers in ergonomics and accommodations for employees.   Contact Mary Ann to become a part of our professional network.


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Heather Morris

Heather Morris is graduated with a Degree in Human Physical Education and OHS Specialist with years of experience providing proactive OH&S programming, and solution based return to work disability management services.  Heather provides leadership to our disability management team. Her strong people solution and problem solving skills provide a new approach to your disability management needs.  She has developed a team of disability management professionals to support employers and employees in reducing lost time and creating sustainable return to work strategies.



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