Get Employees Involved in MSD Prevention

Musculoskeletal disorders make up more than 40% of all workplace injuries.  Gowan Consulting has worked with many organizations to develop an MSD


Accessibility Planning

Recruitment and retention of valuable human resources continues to prevent companies from maximizing their fullest potential. Gowan Consulting will assist you in reducing barriers so you can increase access to the talent pool. Our accessibility auditing services allow you to identify gaps in your ability to meet accessibility standards. Gowan Consulting will bring you solutions that are manageable within your budget. We will work with your design team to identify accessibility standards for the future and retrofits that provide access to the widest range of abilities.

Gowan Consulting uses a combination of the current legal standards and the best practices to ensure that you have an accessibility plan that meets not only your needs today but helps you plan for the future.

Our Results in Accessibility Planning

Financial Group: Gowan Consulting provided accessibility audits for branches within a Financial Group in order to support the successful employment of individuals with disabilities. Through this support the Financial Group improved its Pre-employment Training program success.

High Technology Firm: Development of a comprehensive program for accommodation of individuals with disabilities.


Our Services for Providing Accessibility Planning

Accessibility Audit: Comprehensive assessment of the corporation’s current accessibility and provision of recommendations to improve universal design. Gowan Consulting works with the design team to set short and long term accessibility goals and standards.

Accommodation Policies and Procedures: Implementation of legally compliant accommodation programs which examine recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities. Development of guidelines that meet company objectives, and respect employee needs and/or collective agreements.

Accommodation Assessment: Assessment of the individual and work in order to determine appropriate accommodation strategies to facilitate performance of productive and meaningful work. Provision of legal and business assessment of duty to accommodate the individual

Accessibility Training: Gowan Consulting can provide customized training for your employees and providers in order to meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 regulations


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