In-person Cognitive Demands Analysis Workshop

Everyone learns differently - which is why we're bringing back in-person training! Do you want more hands-on support from our experts? Let us know if you'd be interested in attending this two-day event for health and disability management professionals. Details to be confirmed.

What we cover:

✔️ Step by step skill training to complete a CDA

✔️ How to objectively document a CDA

✔️ How to create a return to work plan using a CDA

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More information:

Lesson 1: The Fundamentals

  • What is a CDA and why would you need it?
  • Understanding conditions that might impact cognition
  • Definitions of cognition and cognitive demands

Lesson 2: The What, the Why, the How

  • Explaining the CDA and knowing when you need it
  • Preparing for a CDA: Getting the right information and tools ready
  • Databases on job demands and history of the tools
  • Assessing the job, being objective, and measuring and using the tools
  • CDA documentation

Lesson 3: Advanced Tips

  • Using the CDA for return to work planning
  • Assessing employee cognitive capabilities and limitations
  • Cognitive accommodations
  • Return to work tools and resources

Is self-learning more your speed?

Take our online program to learn on your own time! Begin the course anytime. Participants will complete and submit a CDA after the modules in order to receive certification.