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Introducing the Next Generation of Work-Focused Occupational Therapy

news and events Sep 23, 2022


Gowan Consulting is celebrating an exciting transition! After 23 years in business, CEO Nancy Gowan will be passing the torch to Nicolette Gowan to carry on the legacy of providing work-focused Occupational Therapy to our customers. Under Nicolette’s leadership, our mission remains the same: to support workplaces in ensuring all employees can remain healthy, productive, and engaged at work.


A note from Co-CEO Nancy Gowan:

The past 23 years of Gowan Consulting has been such a rewarding experience for me. In 1999, I set out to make numerous important relationships by collaborating with employers to support organizational health and productivity. It’s been a pleasure to see this company grow with my supportive team and ever-growing network of amazing Occupational Therapists that are passionate about the work we do.

I am excited to announce that I have been working on a succession plan for the organization. I have been working alongside my daughter, Nicolette Gowan. She is the next generation of Occupational Therapy ready to bring her own leadership and passion to our dedicated customers. We have been working together as Co-CEOs to ensure that our customers continue to get the quality of services that they expect from Gowan Consulting. I know that Gowan Consulting will continue to be an excellent partner for your workplace health and productivity under her leadership.


A note from President and Co-CEO Nicolette Gowan:

What an experience it has been getting to work with the incredible team and customers at Gowan  Consulting. I have learned so much and had an opportunity to bring my unique perspective and skills to the team. It is an honour to continue the legacy of Nancy Gowan. I’ve watched her over the years as she’s worked so hard to build a successful business focused on supporting the health and productivity of organizations across North America. 

I am passionate about continuing to grow a company that partners with organizations that truly care about the wellbeing of their employees. I believe that work has the power to transform our lives if we have the tools and strategies for work to be healthy and safe. Every individual, regardless of how they learn, interact with the world, and communicate with others, should be given the opportunity to experience the successes, challenges, and triumphs of work. With my passion for supporting mental health and cognition in the workplace, I am so excited to lead a company that gets to do just that. With me you will get creativity, compassion, and immense care for my team, my customers, and my clients.

I can’t wait to work further with all of you!



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