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Success Coaching

Sometimes when we make a change or want to improve our skills and abilities, we need a coach. Think of your team as “work Olympians” and Gowan Consulting as your coach. Our Occupational Therapists train, guide, and mentor your team to success. Individualized support for your employees and managers improves productivity and prevents disability-related costs. 

The Coaching Process

Our Occupational Therapists provide tools for mental health, cognitive, and physical coaching. On average, it may take three to ten coaching sessions to successfully implement a new strategy. We guide your employees to learn the new skills in a way that is sustainable.

Individualized Skill Building

Everyone learns differently. Our therapists will work with your employee to structure the job coaching to start where they are and guide them to sustainable success. 

Our therapists will also work with the employee’s manager to make sure that these coaching strategies are applied into any new learning and feedback is given on how to continue this success.

Manager Success Coaching

Learning how to support a work team can be challenging. Our Occupational Therapists coach leaders to develop the skills to create a psychologically safe workplace. Our use of skill development and behavioural interventions helps managers to achieve success in the workplace.

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