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Mental Health

Our Occupational Therapists provide mental health support to maximize employee strengths and enable their function at work. This strengths-based approach builds resilience and capabilities. We provide employees with:

  • Goal-directed, work-focused tools 
  • Skills and behaviours to sustain work while supporting optimum mental health 
  • Strategies to optimize function at work 
  • Tools to support colleagues in the workplace who are struggling
  • Reactivation programming for return to work success 
  • Support onsite or virtually

Accommodation Assessments for Employees with Mental Health Concerns


When your employee is struggling at work with performance concerns, it is time for help. We know that mental distress can cause challenges with thinking, behaviours, team work and productivity. Our Occupational Therapists provide objective assessments of the work, worker, and workplace for recommendations of practical strategies that will lead to success staying at work. This process allows you to offer reasonable accommodation for your employee to meet your legal due diligence, but more importantly, to have a healthy and productive employee once again. Our accommodation assessments during stay at work and prior to return to work can give you the tools to ensure sustainable work accommodations.

Work-Focused Mental Health Coaching with Occupational Therapists


As an employer, you know that mental health is crucial to employee focus and productivity. Providing early and accessible support will give your employees the ability to develop practical workplace tools when life is challenging. Our Occupational Therapists provide psychotherapy to assist employees in managing health concerns, developing improved coping skills, and engaging in work tasks. 

Employees can meet with an Occupational Therapist to: 

  • Discuss their current challenges 
  • Participate in work-focused job coaching 
  • Implement practical work-focused strategies and tools
  • Develop a resiliency plan
  • Connect with community supports, where applicable

We use strengths-based and evidence-informed techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).

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All our training programs can be customized to your team’s needs. We create learning experiences that assist employees in developing resilience and achieving success in the workplace.

Manager Mental Health Training

Our customizable manager mental health training gives your leaders the tools to improve their ability to:

  • Manage their own mental health
  • Improve resiliency and emotional intelligence
  • Create an inclusive workplace
  • Identify employees who are struggling
  • Intervene with conscious conversation and work adjustments
  • Deal with difficult challenges to assist employees to stay at work while recovering
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Employee Resiliency Training

We create customized mental health training programs for your employees that include:

  • Mental resiliency
  • Compassion fatigue
  • Dealing with trauma
  • Crisis fatigue
  • Mindful workplaces
  • and more (just ask us what you need!)

We also offer pre-recorded sessions and online programs so your team can learn at their own pace.

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