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Work Accommodation 

Do you have an employee that has identified a disability requiring accommodation? Do you have an employee struggling to meet performance objectives due to challenges with processing or remembering information? Do you need a third-party, objective assessment to help determine reasonable accommodation?

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodation for applicants and employees. We know that this can be challenging in many workplaces. Gowan Consulting gives you the tools to meet this obligation.

The Accommodation Process


Our Occupational Therapists provide an objective assessment of the worker, work, and workplace to determine  accommodations for employees with disabilities. We provide both virtual and in-person assessments. 

When you make a referral for an accommodation assessment, our team will assign the right Occupational Therapist for your needs. We will use standardized, functional, and on-the-job assessment tools to assess the employee’s abilities, the job demands, and the job environment. We then provide you with practical and suitable accommodation strategies.

We support you and the team to implement the accommodations to ensure that your employee is successful in their job tasks. We work with you to integrate the tools and strategies that will help your employees be productive in their role. This includes coaching for the manager and employee to ensure each team member has the skills to support the employee in sustainable stay at work. 

Where an employee is unable to complete the role with accommodations, we will guide you through the accommodation process with objective information to allow you to meet your duty to accommodate by supporting reintegration into another role, where possible.

Functional Assessment

In this assessment, our Occupational Therapists assess an employee's functional capabilities, such as mobility, processing, memory, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Based on the demands of their role, the therapist will provide specific strategies to remove barriers and manage work tasks. With use of our standardized and functional assessment tools, we can get a clear picture of your employee’s strengths and challenges using virtual and in-person functional assessment. We can then suggest targeted work intervention and determine its effectiveness in helping to improve work productivity.

Our Occupational Therapists work with individuals with physical, emotional, cognitive, and sensory accommodation needs. We have Occupational Therapists with specific expertise in vision accommodations, mental health accommodations, cognitive accommodations, and assistive technology.

When you make a referral, we will choose the therapist that has the right knowledge base to ensure that the accommodations are reasonable and practical for your workplace.

Consultation and Training on Accommodation Programs


Our team of consultants provides consultations on policies, procedures, and steps for accommodation. We can assist you with ensuring that your internal team has the skills and knowledge to manage accommodations in your workplace.  

  • Consult with us on a challenging accommodation file
  • Customize our training for your team
  • Participate in our online training programs

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