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Supporting the Next Generation of Workers: Disability Inclusion for Generation Z (Free Webinar)

This free webinar will provide managers, HR representatives, disability case managers, and workplace supporters with practical knowledge and tools to enhance inclusivity and support for Generation Z, especially those with disabilities.

Membership Program

Mastering Health and Productivity Membership

Are you a professional who wants to know the best practices and evidence for managing health and productivity in the workplace? Do you get so much information in your in box that it is hard to know what to trust? Do you want to have information, tools and strategies at your fingertips to manage employee health and productivity? Do you want to join a community of experts who will help and support you with your workplace needs?

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Certificate Programs  - Start Anytime and Learn Online At Your Leisure

Return to Work Essentials

Learn to develop, implement, and monitor the return to work process through online modules and tools. Yearly membership subscribers gain access for FREE!

$495.00 CAD

Psychological Safety at Work Training

This series of training videos and downloads provide you with the skills to be respectful and build a psychologically safe workplace. It includes tools to improve your communication skills and reduce harassment in the workplace.

$385.00 CAD

Cognitive Demands Analysis Certificate Program

30-minute modules (9-hour session in total) with a detailed binder and homework to prepare you to complete a cognitive demands analysis for your workplace.

$999.00 CAD

Complex Accommodation in the Workplace

This certificate program provides you with the tools and strategies to manage complex accommodations in the workplace.

$275.00 CAD

Mental Health and Return to Work Certificate

This comprehensive training course provides you with the understanding of mental health concerns for employees and employers. The modules include 1. prevention, 2. early intervention, 3. treatment guidelines, 4. best practices for employee assessment, work demands assessment and workplace factors that impact return to work. 5. return to work planning and facilitation 6. reintegration and accommodation

$595.00 CAD