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Manager Mental Health Training

Knowing how to support mental health is not a skill that every leader has in their toolbox. In fact, most managers report that they lack the tools they need to support employee mental health. With employees facing dire consequences to their health and employment as a result of mental health concerns, not to mention organizations’ financial loss, businesses need solutions to keep employees healthy at work.

Manager Mental Health Training addresses the leader skill gap through comprehensive training provided by an Occupational Therapist professional. Managers and HR staff will be able to put their new knowledge to the test immediately after taking this course.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn:

  • How to recognize signs of mental health challenges in employees
  • Strategies to foster resilience and well-being in themselves and their teams
  • Techniques for conducting confidential and productive conversations about mental health
  • Practical guidance on legal considerations and accommodation options
  • Effective communication strategies for discussing mental health with their teams

Included in the Training

  • Interactive case studies that allow participants to get hands-on practice of the skills learnt
  • A comprehensive mental health toolkit to support in-class learning
  • A copy of the presentation slides to use during and after the workshop

Format and Delivery

Option 1: Customized workshop

This training can be customized for an organization with a group of employees. The workshop is usually conducted in a half-day format, available both in person or virtually. It includes group discussions and breakout activities, which can be customized to your industry or organization.

Option 2: Public group training

Individuals and small groups can join our next public virtual session to get all the tools and training at a reduced price. See below for availability. 

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Public group training is now open! Limited dates and spots available.

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Wendy H.

As a senior manager, [mental health] is the most persistent area of concern in our workplace during Covid. As such, I have attended at least 4 various sessions on Mental Health in the Workplace in the past 15 months. This one was head & shoulders the best, and I will be recommending it to my colleagues.


Jessie C.

I have found the training I have received from online course work with Gowan Consulting to be extremely helpful. I have learned a skill set to help me get on the right track to learning management habits that are positive for me and my team. I have tried several others, but this was the first that took what I want to be as a manager and gave me a toolkit that partnered with my goals to get on a path to becoming the manager I want to be. Thank you again for my foundation!" 

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