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Trauma-Informed Services

Trauma-informed services are specifically designed to assist an individual with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Occupational Stress Injury (OSI), or other mental illnesses due to exposure to trauma or a traumatic event. Trauma can impact each of us in different ways, but when the response to trauma causes PTSD or OSIs, it is difficult for individuals to return to their work. 

Employee Assessment

Our Occupational Therapists assess your employee’s current abilities, level of function, and recovery plan to develop a structured work-focused program. 

Trauma-Focused Reactivation Program

Trauma in the workplace can be debilitating if an employee does not have the tools, strategies, and training to manage the impact of that trauma. Our Occupational Therapists provide employees with support to manage trauma proactively and assist employees in returning to the workplace after experiencing traumatic events. This specialized program involves applying a customized approach to each individual and working proactively with healthcare providers to support the employee in gaining emotional regulation, interpersonal, and cognitive behavioral-based tools.

 A gradual in vivo exposure program will be designed to work with the employee to return to the workplace successfully. The therapist will also work with the manager and team to ensure the work environment and supports are in place for sustainable return to the workplace. 

Resiliency and Training Programs to Prevent Trauma Related Health Issues

Our Occupational Therapists and trainers can customize our mental health programs to support employees in having the tools needed to maintain their self-care at work. We have developed programs for health care providers, first responders, and those who deal with vicarious trauma in their work. 

Mental Health Walk-In Clinics

Are your employees needing immediate support and coaching when they are struggling? We know that it is more effective to provide the tools while keeping employees at work. In this program, the employee can schedule a time with the Occupational Therapist at work to intervene on a difficult day and develop a strategy to stay at work. In some situations, the employee may be able to use their health benefits to pay for this session and the employer just provides the time.

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